Monday, March 8, 2010

Walleye on Soft Water

It is getting close to spring. With it comes the loosening grip of 'ol man winter. No more ice covered rivers. No more snow storms. (I hope) Just the remaing week and a half before the walleye season shuts down.

I had the opportunity to go out this past Sunday with Dave Hagan another Up North Journal staff member. We decided when I got back from my coyote
trip we would go get us some "Marble Eyes." Well I got back home late Saturday and got a good night sleep and was determined to be ready for the following day.

Sunday came and with it brought a beautiful sunny day and balmy upper 40 temps. We made it out on the water around 2:30. In the river we went with our favorite walleye rods and armed with an arsenal of different color jig heads in different weights. We were going to be drifting while vertical jigging. We would be using shiners on this trip.

It wasn't 5 minutes and I had the first one on. After 20 minutes I had hooked 3 and got one to the boat. The walley were starting the migration up stream to get to the spawing areas and I was glad to be there to greet some of them and invite them over for dinner. Our buddy Chad showed up and we went to shore to pick him up much to our displeasure because as soon as we left the run we were fishing a dozen boats moved in. Grrr.

After picking him up we jumped into the fray and started consistently catching fish, and a lot of them. We caught a bunch of walleye and Chad and I even caught a couple nice catfish. Chad even caught a sucker and a smallmouth bass. It was a great day and we had a great time.

A side note never let someone tell you that the trolling motor is good to go. If you do this make sure you have 2 paddles and not just 1. Make sure the paddles you have arent cracked either! Dave's motor died just as we were heading back and Chad ended up having to row with one oar back to shore. Another adventure was had that we all enjoyed.
So until next time, be safe, appreciate what you have and get into the great outdoors.

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