Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fall Is Upon Us

Well it has been one heck of a year so far. It has also been three months since I have been able to get out and hunt anything. There were a couple fishing trips that came and went but I have still been dreaming about hunting.

It has been hot and humid for so long that hunting season seemed so far away. Then one night while sitting outside and watching the stars in the sky that it hit me. That cool air slowly wrapped itself around me and let me know that it is almost that magical time of year. The air just had that different cool feel to it. You know the feeling.

Like a buck going into rut or birds being triggered to start the migration I started to think about the seasons that were about to commence. So the first thing that hit me is the Michigan early goose season. Once again I will be hitting some dark golden wheat fields and some sweet corn silage fields in hopes of downing some Canada geese. (No spelling error here kids that's how it's said even when in it's plural form) It's always fun to get out with the fella's and have some good laughs. From the rusty shooting to the jokes and pranks that get pulled on each other. There is nothing better than kicking the hunting season off sitting in my layout blind with a nice cup of coffee and watching the sun rise.

The reality is that this early season is a total crap shoot. You will see geese hit a field one day and go back the next and it looks like Cris Angel was there and made them all disappear into the crisp air. They are tough to scout because they don't really have any set patterns so you can only make your best guess and go with it.

So hear I am, less than a week away and the phone tag going on with the guys about what they are seeing in the fields is making the anticipation great. Visions of geese working to the calls and locking up fully committed with landing gear out against the morning sky is getting my blood flowing again. The sound of widow makers going off with nicely placed patterns hitting their mark and giving the dinner invitations to these unsuspecting geese. I am so excited I started watching last years footage of early goose season on Beyond The Wild Episode 4. I just hope we can omit the DNR and Police issues we had last year!

The first season is here!

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