Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Fever. Perch Fishing With Drake

Well the weather had gotten up into the upper 60's and brought with it my urge to go perch fishing in the small cuts coming off the big water. I ususally only fish for perch at this time of the year because it is the best time to get them for me. Year after year UNJ staff member Art Lopez and I hit it after ice goes out. This year would be different though. The first trip would be with my son Drake.

I only get my little man every other weekend and two days during each week now. So I have to make the most of each opportunity. He is two and a half so I figured since he went on his first deer hunt this past season he is more than ready to fish for perch.

Off we went Wednesday morning after he came over. The place we fish is roughly an hour from my house so we started on our way. We make the stop at the bait store and man did he love getting the minnows. Then he says "Daddy I have to show you sumpin" thats code for I want something. Then he shows me his bag of Cheeto's and to the register we go. After he said goodbye to the employees we were on our way to the fishing destination.

We arrive and pick out our spot we get rigged up to fish. He grabs the rod and starts reeling it in after I set it up. "Daddy theres no fish." I explain how we have to wait til the big fish bite the hook. Now he is ready. Fish on! He reels in his first ever perch. He was excited and I was proud. He fished for a while threw rocks in the water for a while and just really had a good time. Then I noticed a perch flying by my head. I looked and he says "Daddy have to throw them back. It's fun." Well there went dinner. It didn't matter though as we were having fun enjoying the day together.

It was time to go and he didn't wanna leave. "Daddy let's go to another spot." Man was I excited. We went to another spot and nothing was happening so we went home. He made sure though that we would go out the following day. "I wanna go fishing tomorrow." Thats all I needed to here We went and caught our fish and had a blast.

I ended up going with Art Friday and Mike, Mikey, and Kevin joined us Saturday. What a great week and fun times but none as fun or special as the two days Drake and I spent fishing.

So until next time be safe, appreciate what you have and get out into the great outdoors.


  1. Sounds like little man had a great time.At that age they have as much fun throwing rocks in the water as they do catching fish.It's always good spending time outdoors with your children.