Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This Is Public Property Right?

So as I sit and reflect on some experiences this year, I keep coming back to the same situations. It is happening so much more frequently and is starting to irritate me to no end. I have had the same issues now happen more than a few times and thought I would bring it to light.

Have you noticed that more and more so called "sportsman" are trying to act as though "public" "state owned property" is their own. I have had several encounters this year with this type of "sportsman".

The first one happened to be on a river at a very busy section. I was there with a friend and we got ready stream side and watched a guy bring to shore a nice walleye. After about 20 minutes of him playing on shore with his walleye, i ventured out in the vicinity of where he was at. I said hello to the gentleman next to me and he just gave a blank stare. Oh well first cast. As I made my second I noticed this gentleman staring at me. I turned to him again and he sternly explained, "see that guy there?"

"Yeah sure the one who caught the walleye 20 minutes ago?"

"Yeah well he is fishing this spot."

"Oh really? So you made reservations for this spot right here? Can you tell me where I can make these reservations? Because I would love to reserve this whole public river for myself next weekend."

He didn't really like that. Since this is a public waterway we were fishing. I hollered back to my friend who was still on shore 5 feet from the guy who was still messing with his walleye. And asked him if he knew that we could make reservations for a stretch of river. With an odd look he said no and I walked over to him and explained that these two guys had done so and we couldn't fish it. The guy on the bank quickly went out next to his buddy who was a little upset because I called him out in front of all those fishing.

These people should be called out in these instances. Right wrong or indifferent I will not let this slide anymore. I am not saying I want to fight people but I will remind them that it is a public waterway and then move on.

Then this past week I heard the same comments from another kid. Who was upset that his buddy had invited us to fish and we fished the same spot he did the day before. Can you believe this. He was upset that we were fishing in "HIS" spot. Never mind the 20 or so guys in shanties all around us. This kid not only felt that we shouldn't be there but then got jealous when people in our group started to catch fish and he wasn't. The fish hoarder got so upset at this he took his toys and went home because he just couldn't take the fact that others were catching fish and he wasn't.

These people should not be tolerated. If you are on a public piece of property you have just as much right to be there as anyone else. I am not saying go cuddle up next to someone while hunting or fishing, but I am saying that with common sense you can use the same piece of land or water. Know your rights and never be intimidated by these people. Ask them the question,

"This is Public Property Right?"

So until next time, be safe, appreciate what you have and get into the great outdoors.