Friday, September 17, 2010

The Begining of My Brady Hunt A Success

Well as most of you know the past couple days I had the opportunity to go out in the woods for Michigan's early doe season. I was set to hit the woods with my good friend Ron Thursday morning. I couldn't wait. So I made the journey out to Ron's and got settled into my new home. Welcome to "The Trailerhood"! My man has more trailers stored at his property than a Jayco factory.

We sat up and talked for a while about the hunt and it's new meaning. It was something we were both looking forward to. We sat around the campfire and talked about the issues going on in our lives. We joked about our previous hunts and made fun of each other just like hunting friends do. It was getting late and as much as we wanted to talk about past hunts we knew it was time to turn in. We wanted to make sure we were on top of our game come the morning.

I made my way to the trailer stopping by my truck for my Pringles. Hey I gotta eat. I get hungry once in a while. I unpacked my gear in preparation for the mornings hunt. I hung up my gear and tucked it in so to speak so I would be ready to go and prepared come morning. I sat down on my bunk and took a look at that single arrow on the left side of my quiver. I quickly said a prayer and answered emails and text messages til about a little after three. So much for getting my good nights rest. I set the alarm for 4:30 and turned out the light.

Well 4:18 rolled around rather quickly and I woke up and was ready to go. I immediately walked out the door to see the weather. Perfect I thought cool a little breeze but dry. Maybe the weather man was wrong again. I get my hunting clothes on and grab my gear. Ron is driving over to "The Hood" to pick me up. We roll film and talk about this hunt and off we go.
We arrive at the spot and well this would be the one time the weather man would get the forecast right. We waited for a few minutes and the storm rolled in. Thunderstorms were on the breakfast menu and we didn't like it. So back to "The Hood" we went and went to sleep.

Up around ten we hung out in the house had coffee and watched the radar. It looked like we were going to get a break around four. So we ended up watching some TV had lunch and then it seemed like a nap was in store.

The time came and we were off. In the stand we went and settled in. I knocked Brady's arrow in hopes to make a shot. I would be lying if I said I didn't feel a little pressure. We had rain off and on the whole time we were out there. Then we heard a branch break and out popped a small doe. We watched her for about fifteen minutes waiting for the big one to come out. We knew she was there but couldn't see her. Then she stuck her neck out and looked right up at us. She was wise which is why she was one of the biggest I have ever seen. She new the game and made a quick spin to go back the way she came. We watched the little one for another five minutes before she left too.

The morning of day two came and went with not a single deer seen. Unfortunately it was time to head home. I packed up and down the road I went. It was a long ride home and I didn't feel good right away. I so badly wanted to put that Brady arrow to use and didn't get to this time. I didn't like that feeling at all. As the trip went on I started thinking about what has transpired over the past week. The fact that many people were made aware of Brady and Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, all because of a simple request by my friend Eric. To know I may have helped him get the word out changed the way I felt. I am glad and honored he asked me that simple little favor.

There have been many pictures coming in of arrows with the name Brady on the vanes or fletchings. I want to thank all who have done so and encourage the ones who haven't to do so. For those who are viewing this who don't archery hunt or hunt at all post the yellow ribbon pic on facebook or even wear one on your shirt. Say a prayer for not only Brady's family but the other families who are experiencing the same tragedy. Prayer is a powerful thing. I have witnessed that what may seem like a small thing to you at first can mean so much more to someone else.

So this was only the beginning of my hunt with Brady. I learned a lot and was reminded that I need to not take for granted the opportunities that I have. Even when I think I have problems, no matter how bad they are, there is always somebody that has it worse. We may not have gotten our doe but we learned something and we still have many days ahead to put it to good use.
Please check out and learn more about this deadly disease. Thank you and God bless.

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  1. Chico you are so right, even though you didnt let the Brady arrow fly, your hunt was a success.It takes a caring person to do the stuff you are doing that is why you are a true pro.From parent to parent me and you could not imagine what it would be like to loose one of our own, and your so right, sometimes we think we have it so bad and then we find out that there is someone with alot worse problems.As i read your blog in my eyes your hunt with Brady was a success.Until the next hunt God Bless you my friend...