Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday With George Lynch

Well it all started with my phone ringing and Mike on the other end. "Chico we are heading down to see George. Can you make it?" So I thought about it for a half second "Yeah. When we leaving?" It was a no brainer for me. I mean Mike just had to tell me when we were leaving and I would have been there. So I am going to make the trek down to Lynch Mob Calls shop and couldn't wait. I was looking forward to meeting the man behind the calls.

It is always great to meet new people in this industry. The only problem is, some are what you think, some don't come close to what you think and some just exceed your expectations. The industry is funny that way. You meet great down to earth people who it seems like you knew your whole life and some who have totally forgotten where they came from. I immediately started to wonder how George was going to be. Was I going to be impressed or disappointed? Let's just say he exceeded my expectations.

We started down to the shop in the early afternoon. It seemed like it took forever but the conversation was great the whole way there. As we pulled into the driveway my eyes were greeted with a fully decked out Suburban. It had ducks and geese on it with other sponsors stickers. It was definitely C to the OOL! I got out of the truck and was greeted by the star of the video. No not George, but none other than Buck. That Chesapeake is one beautiful dog. Buck made sure I felt welcomed by letting me pet him for a while. Then out of the shop came his sidekick, George. He greeted us with a smile and a firm handshake. Then into the shop we went.

Since we were down there to shoot footage for the Lynch Mob Calls, Science of Hanging 'Em Low volume 2 dvd, we went to work. Okay maybe I didn't work that much. I did however go to the George Lynch University and took Gooseology 101. Man he conveyed a passion for the heritage and tradition of his craft. I watched and listened intently, hanging on every word. That way when I get out in the field, I can pass my exam. I think my brain went into overdrive as I started trying to process all of the information that he was sharing. I began thinking of how lucky I was to be getting what was not only a preview of the next dvd but a personal private seminar as well.

George did a segment on tuning a call that was incredible. I really don't know if you can put a price tag on that. The tips he shared were great. Then he broke out into the calling sequence and blew the doors off the shop. All I can say is if you are serious about getting better at improving in the field, I would highly recommend you check this dvd out. The calling tips, tech tips and decoy placement tips are priceless.

What a great day. I left the shop and can say that I left with more knowledge then I came with. I was able to meet a great person who is no different than you and I. As well as someone who has a passion and drive to make sure our heritage is passed on to the next generation of hunters. I couldn't help but laugh recalling George in between takes getting on my phone and giving my buddy Dave the business. Reminding him to not flag when the geese are already in the spread. This truly was way better than watching the Lions lose for sure. Now I just hope I remember everything.

So until my next blog, be safe, appreciate what you have and get into the great outdoors.