Thursday, July 1, 2010

A New Tool For Your Tool Box

It has been a weird summer for me this year. I have had so much non outdoors going on that I haven't been able to get out into the field as I would like. So one day I found myself cleaning up around the house and started picking up some of the hunting stuff that I had laying around when I came across one of my favorite tools while hunting, the Leupold RX 1000 TBR rangefinder.

I started thinking about the last time I had it out in the field which was when Mike and I were hunting devil dogs. This little piece of equipment is one that I will always make sure is with me in the field. Let's just say that yours truly has a hard time judging range while hunting and this right here has leveled the playing field.

A quick rundown of what this thing offers, True Ballistic Range for rifles and bows, bright OLED Display, Armoured Aluminum Housing, Fully Multicoated lenses and a cordura holder. This is definitely one rugged rangefinder. I beat this thing to death and it has performed unbelievably.

My favorite part is the True Ballistic Range for gun and bow. It shows you the true distance and the distance you should be shooting for taking in to consideration your elevation to your target. This comes in handy when your hunting and want to make the most ethical shot you can. You will know exactly what distance to aim for. No more guessing. This can be set up for bow or gun allowing you to get specifics for each so that you will be as accurate as you possibly can.

It has a bright OLED display that increases light transmission and display contrast. Roughly about 3x higher than LCD models. You can even choose from three different intensity settings to match lighting conditions. It has three selectable reticles the Plus Point, Duplex or a combination of both. With it's 2 button design it makes it very easy to use. Even for me!

Bottom line is this thing is highly reliable when it come down to judging the distance between you and your quarry. If you have problems judging distances or are even looking for an extra advantage this is something to put on your must have list. Simple easy to use and gets the job done. All this backed by a great company with unmatched customer service. I highly recommend if you are in the market for a rangefinder you check this one out.

Here are the specifics:
Magnification: 6x
Field of View (ft. @ 100 yards): 31.0
Field of View (m @ 100 meters): 10.5
Angular Field of View: 6.0
Weight: 7.8 oz
Objective Aperture (mm): 22.0
Twilight Factor: 11.5
Exit Pupil (mm): 3.6
Eye Relief (mm): 14.0
Dimensions: (LxHxW): 3.8"x2.8"x1.3"

So there you go. Just another tool for your hunting tool box and it will help make you a more accurate shooter.

Nuff Said.

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