Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So I Got Interviewed

So I am sitting in my family room and thinking about my chores when all of the sudden I have someone show up and ask about doing an interview. I was stunned. Me? Are you sure? "Well you are Chico? Right?". "Uh yeah actually I am." So next thing I know we are sitting down and I am being interviewed. So here it is.

Chris - "So Chico how did you get that name anyways?"

Chico - "Well I actually got it from a friend of mine when I was about 16, and it just stuck with me. My mother doesn't even call me by my real name. So if I hear my real name I know that it is someone who really doesn't know me."

Chris - "How did you get started hunting and fishing?"

Chico - "Well I had a step dad who kinda started me but it wasn't until I was old enough to drive that I really got into it. The freedom of going when I wanted to and not when someone else wanted to made it easier. I learned how to duck hunt on my own and man was that tough. I remember when I went out for my first early goose season, man was my calling horrible. I was trying to learn but I didn't learn quick enough. I went out by myself and the first flight that came my way I started to call the birds didn't flare but didn't come for a closer look either. Then I hear from a group down in the section next to me start yelling and telling me to stop calling and that I was horrible. Man did I feel lower than an ants you know to the ground. I remember that and that is why I will never tell someone they are bad unless they ask. I won't say they suck but I will try to lessen the blow a bit."

Chris - "So you were self taught in hunting and fishing?"

Chico - "I had a little help along the way with some things but for the most part, yeah pretty much."

Chris - "So what is your favorite game to hunt?"

Chico - " Well I do not like to be labeled with deer, duck, goose, upland etc. I would like to think I am not a one trick pony. I am a sportsman and I hunt it all. It provides food and that is the main reason I do it. The adrenaline rush is another. I do love waterfowling just because of the interaction that goes on with the waterfowl but the hunters as well. I would say waterfowl."

Chris - "Would you label yourself a trophy hunter?"

Chico - "I said I do not like labels. I can't eat horns if that's what your asking."

Chris - "What types of fish do you fish for?"

Chico - "I have a passion for trout fishing. There is just something about it. I love to be in the stream and not in a boat. Something about trying to hunt these fish. It is awesome. I say I do that most of the time but I still like to fish for walleye, pike, panfish, salmon and steelhead. I will be trying fly fishing for carp this year. They say it is the freshwater bone fish."

Chris - "So man, your season never really ends then. Does it?"

Chico - "No not at all. In fact I am planning to be out this weekend ice fishing and maybe trying to get after some coyotes. The season is never over if you have the passion. There is the prep season and then the actual hunting season and then when that is over, you start the prep season all over. I laugh when I hear people say the season is over because it never is, they just aren't looking at it the right way."

Chris - "How did you get started doing this?"

Chico - "This interview? Listen to your question brother, you started it."

Chris - "No I mean getting involved in the outdoor industry. I guess."

Chico - "Oh I got ya. I met a cool cat from IL. Who had invited me to a campout in Holly, MI. I met some of my brothers from Up North Journal and we talked after quite a bit and the rest is history. I have met a lot of cool people since. Can I give a shout out to them?"

Chris - "Uh yeah sure."

Chico - "What's up Mikey, Mike, Jurgens, Matt, Red, Kenster man forget it the whole family at UNJ, Snort, WV, Ron man everyone at . Make sure you have that link when printed if ya could."

Chris - "Yeah, sure. Anyways what is your take on photos of game?"

Chico - "Not sure where your leading me."

Chris - "I mean whats your thoughts on the way game is portrayed after it's been harvested?"

Chico - "Well what your saying in reality is what is the right and wrong way. I'll say this about that. I do not personally take a picture with an open body cavity. That's just me. Is it wrong? Who am I to judge. I do however like to have my pics authentic. When I say that I mean the deer may have blood on it. I will try to tuck the tongue in but if it falls out well, it falls out. I am not going to take it to a local car wash hose it down and try to make it look like it is still alive because it's not. I go with the philosophy right wrong or indifferent that to each there own. If you don't like my pic well don't look at it. If you don't like my video don't watch it. I mean I am not going to show the worst side but c'mon it is what it is. So is there a right way? Yeah, the way you do it. Is there a wrong way? Yeah I guess it depends on who doesn't like it. Ask them they are always quick to point out things that are wrong. I call them cookie cutters."

Chris - "Cookie cutter's? Can you explain?"

Chico - "Yeah they are the people that loose sight of their own thoughts and views because they want to appeal to the masses. They may not agree with the masses but they sure don't want to go against the grain. You know, be different and true to themselves. What they actually believe in and how they personally feel. They start to drink the Kool Aid so to speak. I wish people would just do what they believe in and not do something just because they think others will like it."

Chris - "Okay then, so my last question for you is, if there is one thing you could change right now what would it be?"

Chico - "Right now the thing I would change would be that I wouldn't be going through......"

"Thanks Greeny." "So the Cowboys are in another slump in December and we'll be back after this to tell you how they aren't gonna change that anytime soon. Sports Center will be back after this."

So now I am awake and realize I was just interviewed by none other than myself Chris "Chico" Lopez. Now you have a sense of what I really think!

So until next time, be safe, appreciate what you have and get into the great outdoors.

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  1. An abolutely awesome blog Chico. You should really consider a career as an outdoor writter.